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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hello! We've had a busy social weekend this weekend! Time at the beach, farmer's market, brunch at a friends and walks to the park. Isn't summer the best? We've had variable weather here in the south west, but as long as it's not snowing I am ok with it.

So I have been mulling about what style we want to stick with, when we start decorating the interior of our home. I am always reading interior design things, whether it be online, or in magazines.  I try to stick to Canadian publications, just because it's easier to source and find the things you see on their pages.

Most recently, I was reading an article by Lynda Reeves, the (in?)famous interior designer of the Canadian publication House and Home. The article was about how more traditional, extravagant style is coming back on trend. My reaction was: really??  I would never claim to be an expert on interior design, but the thought of floral chintz and finials were not inspiring to me.

Another publication was focused on the trends that were on the way out. One that stuck out to me was mid century modern.  My reaction was: really?? My husband always tells me to never read the "comments" section. But I did, and it was a lot of people that were complaining about how boring and awful mid century modern was. I will respectfully disagree.  (Can you tell what style I am leaning towards? haha).

In NS, original, mid century modern pieces are challenging to find, but it can be done.  While perusing 'kijiji' you can find some wonderful walnut and teak pieces; all the way from full dining sets to credenzas to side tables. Judging from the pictures, these pieces have been hiding in the dining rooms and basements of individuals from the actual mid-century! With down sizing, comes access to these hidden gems. There are also mid century modern inspired pieces available in stores, but the second hand pieces are so affordable and just as lovely. Our storage in our current home is non-existant, so I have to hold off on purchasing some gems for now...but hoping to be looking for some in the near future.

Looking for some mid century inspiration? Try and hold off from drooling while looking at the pieces displayed on Instagram by @sunbeam_vintage

Speaking of can find me @perkinkf :)

Isn't she the sweetest? 

What's your design style? Are you on the traditional, transitional, modern train?

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  1. I think the best style is a combination of what you love and what speaks to you and trends. Go with what you love, you have a great sense of style!