Monday, 27 July 2015

The other day I was reading a publication that claimed that Etsy has lost it's soul.

When I first accessed Etsy many years ago (Etsy started up in 2005), it kind of seemed like a grass roots place where people could sell their handmade or vintage wares. The author in the publication ( to be exact) indicated that Etsy has turned into a major juggernaut and has turned into a site that promotes entrepreneurship or sometimes reselling, rather than artisanship. Etsy had lost it's "indie street cred" so to speak.

I absolutely see her point.  It's easy to find items on Etsy now, that you might also see the next time you dropped by Forever 21 or Joe Fresh. Certainly Etsy has it's fair share of reselling cheaply manufactured items under a lovely, fresh looking facade.

But!.. I know individuals where Etsy allows them a stage to buyers who would not see their items otherwise! Especially individuals that live in smaller, isolated areas that don't necessarily have access to large indie craft shows, that are so popular in larger centres now a days. Also, in turn, it allows buyers in more isolated areas (i.e. me) find unique items and gifts. If you dig a little..the artisans and crafters and creators are still there.  You just have to look!

In an effort to find and promote these individuals, once per week, I hope to share some treasures that I love or inspire me. Hope you enjoy!

Have you accessed Etsy? or sold items on Etsy? Is Etsy all gone to the dogs?

(click the caption to link to the Etsy shop)
Newfoundland Dog Photography print by Francesco Formisano
Ikat Dress by Amanda Moss.  (I went to high school with her, how cool is that?)
Waxed Canvas and Leather bag by PipRobins (A native of NS!)
Geometric Pillow by Nirwa

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