Plans, Plans, Plans

Friday, 24 July 2015

          So several moons ago, A. and I started exploring house plans with our piece of land in mind. Well?...just a little bit overwhelming. It seemed that I could only find what I didn't want.
          I know I mentioned I was a speech therapist in my last post.  I work with a lot of elder individuals with mobility issues and a lot of occupational therapists! I was always sitting in meetings where the OTs were saying that the bedrooms were inaccessible because they were upstairs or they needed a ramp to get into the house or even if the bedroom could be moved downstairs, the bathroom was upstairs.  I was super determined to find an open concept modern style home that had at least one bedroom and bathroom on a main floor, so that I could still live at home when I fall, and break my hip at 80.  Yeah....that's the trouble with us Speech therapists....maybe a little Type A, planner people. Anyhow, we chose a plan, got quotes from contractors AND...then were told that instead of paying $1000 to some website for the house plan and have to get the plans altered...we were just better off paying someone to draft us some plans and get what we want up front...gah!
 task is to find someone in our small area to draft us some plans and start the quote process again.
           Any home function tips or comments for me? Do you love your main floor laundry?  Do you hate your open concept? Do you have a preference for storage solutions in it? What helps your day to day function?
           Hope this weekend is restful and restorative!

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