To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

So many years ago, when we moved into our current house, we basically changed every wall colour and wall surface (don't even get me started about the tissue paper that was adhered to the front hall with dark wine coloured paint). We were young, childless and feeling inspired. 

I had read a lot about the return in popularity of wallpaper, in the form of accent walls, in design magazines, and had seen how beautiful the rooms could be. When you checked the prices per roll of this wallpaper you were looking at upwards of $250 dollars a roll! Eeek... I remember at the time, Farrow & Ball was THE wallpaper to have. Absolutely gorgeous, but absolutely unattainable with one person in the household being a student and the other person with a massive student debt. 

So we sought out cheaper, but inspiring options and found it at Home Depot. At $30 a roll, we found a graphic black and white floral pattern. This was much more attainable. SOLD. 

And of course we installed it ourselves. Ahem. 

So, fast forward 8 years. We've had a lot of people come through our front door and most of them comment on the wallpaper that is visible in what we call our "front room". Anyone that has commented on it has told us how they really liked it. Loved it if you will.

We really liked it too. But then, some things really become apparent...Yarmouth is a humid community by the sea. All year round, but definitely in the summer...and paper things don't adhere as well in humidity. When you add children to the mix...(they like to pick at lifting wallpaper edges) wallpaper becomes more complicated. 

The other apparent thing is when your room is small and your wallpaper is super graphic, your wallpaper kinda rules the roost. It's been a challenging design choice to work around and basically I think that I avoided working with it. 

This week the wallpaper is coming down to make for a more neutral background for possible tenants. I am not that sad about it. But it does beg the question...should we use wallpaper in the new house?

I have thought about it some, and I see gorgeous examples of wallpaper alllll the time in design publications. So, maybe....? A powder room? An entrance?  I feel next time I want to use it in a space to give it personality but where we don't have to build a huge design story around it. I just don't have the resources. And maybe we will have a professional install it this time...and have a Venmar system. In the meantime... (click on the caption to link to the sources!)

Wallpaper by Juju (so expensive but so gorgeous!)

Wallpaper designed by Oh Joy! for Hygge & West Wallpapers (one of my favorite bloggers!)

Ok so I am cheating with this one...they are wall decals by Urban Walls 

Wallpaper by Graham & Brown (sold at Lowe's)

What do you think? Wallpaper or no wallpaper?


  1. Ooooh, tough question. I happen to get tired of everything (except cream walls and wood), so I know that wallpaper isn't for me, no matter how much I love it at the moment. Decals (yaaaaaay, cats!) are a decent option because they're easily removed, and if well done, they totally read like wallpaper. But a beautiful wallpaper is gorgeous, and in the right room and hung well, it can be awesome and perfect. Which also sort of means that it dictates the rest of the room. And it's SO tricky to hang things on wallpaper and have them look right. Tough one, but I do love that first one! It's beautiful.

  2. Yeah part of me wants to be bold but I really think keeping it contained to a non-main living space would be the best bet. I saw you post on instagram about your white paint tonight and I think I am leaning to fab white for a lot of the house too. We have great light exposure on the land so I think white will be so beautiful. Maybe let some art do the talking. Thanks for commenting Sherrie :)