Bathroom reno

Thursday, 20 August 2015

So one aspect of preparing to build a new house is to decide what to do with your old one.

 We live in what used to be one big family home, that was divided into two apartments: the upstairs and the downstairs. The upstairs is two bedrooms, one bathroom, and the downstairs is two bedrooms, two bathrooms. Perfect for a married couple with no children (at the time). Especially, when one member of the couple is a frugal accountant, that likes renting to tenants, to help pay for the mortgage.

We purchased our home when the Yarmouth market was at a height. The CAT ferry was running. Foreigners/tourists were purchasing homes and land. Lobster prices were higher. Not soon after we purchased, the economy went into the toilet.

Adding the work we did in renos on the house (installing heat pumps, updating the electrical upstairs, adding in suite laundry upstairs, figuring out a solution to drainage issues in the basement.... oh and there is more...), it did not make sense to try to sell this giant.

Basically, sometimes...I feel like Andrew is Tom Hanks and I am Shelley Long in "The Money Pit". Except Andrew hasn't gotten stuck in a rug in a hole in the floor....yet...there is still time (and for those of you that just googled "The Money Pit"...I don't know if we can be friends).

The take home msg: we are keeping the monster house, and going to rent out our apartment, as well as the upstairs.

This past weekend, we spent doing some work on the bedroom.  Mostly painting...But what has really been on our minds is the reno of our guest bathroom.

Our guest bath is basically stolen space from a non-usable front deck. It's probably not to code...but it works. It's a good thing to have. It's a super tight space and was basically a DIY. Not a well done one either.

Last year, we got some quotes to redo this space (replace the stand up shower, drywall etc.).  Basically, no matter what the size of your bathroom, everything is still freakin' expensive.  Guess what: it costs the same amount to move plumping in a large bathroom as it does a small bathroom. Drywall, taping and mudding is still expensive. Fixtures are still ridiculous amounts.  It was an eye opener and we decided to prioritize the basement drainage stuff instead.

So, new priorities.

Yep, still expensive!

But onward and upward. Looking forward to sharing some demo pics and and getting the last room up to snuff. At least we have another bathroom to hold us over! Although, who knows what luck we might have..

Happy almost Friday!!


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