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Monday, 3 August 2015

Hello!  Thanks for being patient with the spacing of my posts!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did! A trip to Halifax is always a good time. These days with the handy smart phone, I definitely keep busy during the three hour plus trip doing some perusing of twitter, insta and, of course, facebook.

One of the best things about social media accounts is that I often find links to amazing articles that I wouldn't necessarily read, otherwise.  I am not the most adventurous, at times, in my reading of books or novels, because of the perceived time commitment to a book that may end up being a wash. (Dude, when old reliables like Judy Blume, publish a downer book in the summer...I am at a loss).

Web articles always have the chance to rock my world in less than 20 minutes.  What else could you ask for? In the end, I am a fabulous skimmer and if the story is not so great...not too much time wasted. With most articles, I usually end up learning something and occasionally, it sparks my interest on a topic that I wouldn't necessarily have been intrigued by.

I have a strong bias in my web article reading to medical related material. It's related to my job and the medical world just fascinates me.

I also love a good human interest story or prodigy that does amazing things. (Check out William Masters and Virginia Johnson!) I always end up falling down Wikipedia-wells on these types of outliers.

Finally, I loooove a good blog. My bookmarks are filled with blog links. Some I check daily; some weekly.

Anyhoo, hope you have a good start to your (hopefully) shortened week! I have the luxury of another day at home.  Hope to do some "Frenchying" and poking around town. Have a good one ;)

Check out some articles and blogs that I have really enjoyed lately!
Exclusive Q & A with Frances Bean Cobain re: HBO's revealing documentary about Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck  (If you ever loved this documentary!)
Emily Henderson's amazing design blog! Gorgeous aesthetic, sweet stories and lots of design inspiration. One of my favorite posts of late:

Anatomy of Error by Joshua Rothman of the New Yorker. An article about Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh  (By the way if you ever want to challenge your brain to stay an article in the New Yorker!)

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