Standup Paddleboarding

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

So a 'fan' asked to me to blog about my experience stand up paddle boarding. (And by fan I mean, the father of one of the girls I went the word 'fan' might be a bit biased.)

(and by asked me to blog, I really meant that he asked if I was going to blog about it....)

Ahem...In other news, stand up paddle boarding seems to be the new popular water sport! I see pics of people doing it everywhere: the ocean, the lake, on vacation in gorgeous countries.

Well, we tried to re-create the vacation-in-gorgeous-countries one with Y-Town Board Company in Raynardton.

I am not sure what lake system they are situated on, but it's beautiful.  The owners have a lovely sloping property, down to the lake.

The paddle boards themselves are large, high density foam boards and are made by a manufacturer called Kahuna.

We were oriented by one of the owners to the boards and all the details re: how to get on and stand up etc.

I was there with two friends. We eagerly wrapped on the ankle strap that prevents you from getting separated from your board, if you fall in, grabbed the board and got in the water. We got on the board in shallow water, which made it easier to put one knee on and then the other. So there we were....on all fours on a paddle board in the lake.

The owner was instructing us on how to stabilize and stand up.

You basically have to get in a squat with flat heels, knees to chin, and then stand up.

Sounds simple enough.

I think I had a very clear picture of how I would look on a paddle board.  Before we went too far away from shore, the owner advised that we could take off our PFDs and do yoga or similar once we got comfortable with the stability of the board.

Figured we would all look like this in no time:

( naysayers...never mind I can't do this on dry land. The serenity and calmness of the water and being on the board would support my core and give me licorice-worthy back bendiness)

But first...must stand up.

Hmmm....feet can't get flat without sitting on bum.

Try again.

Man...this PFD really increases my chest size. (and that is one area I do not need assistance).

Oops, fell back on bum again.

Alright...let's figure this out.  

Try to stand up without flat feet. 

Oh, what's this?

Oh, this is your head, aiming for the water.

Goodbye horizon.

In the water now. are in the water.

Not cold...just prefer head above water.

Get head above water.

Aspirate small amounts of water while taking deep breath in. 

cough cough cough.

Oh shoot.....did she tell us how to get back on a board if you fall in?


Darn (but I didn't say darn).

Let's think back to your canoeing days in Venturers, Katie.

Grab, the opposite side of the board and pull yourself on.


Made it.

Nothing to see here.

Just a bruised ego and two friends holding back laughter (They didn't look like they were laughing, but I am sure it crossed their minds).

So adrenaline really kicks in when you fall in the water unexpectedly. But I calmed myself down and agreed with the owner that maybe I would spend some time getting used to the board while kneeling and paddling.

Which I did...and had a fabulous next hour and a half on the water with the girls. It was gorgeous, the water was warm and we even grabbed on to each others boards and had a relaxing lie down in the middle of the lake, at one point. 

Super fun. Super gorgeous evening. All in all, an awesome experience.

The girls encouraged me to try standing again on the board.  I came closer to the shore this time and tried again.  Not too sure what I did differently this time (?wider stance?) but it worked out.  Like in yoga, sometimes it works out better if you don't think about it too much (like full wheel). 

Interestingly, you work significantly different muscles in different positions while paddling on the board and I think I prefer sitting down. My thighs got a needed a work out. 

Anyhow, if you are so inclined to try, I really recommend Y-Town Board Company paddleboarding. You don't even feel like you are getting active and it's such a relaxing, fun way to spend the evening. Maybe if you are awkward in the water or have difficulty with balance, I suggest the Paddleboarding clinic, as opposed to just renting with basic instruction. 

So then you don't end up like this:

Good Luck and be safe in all your time on the water!

Happy almost Thursday!


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  1. It was a great experience to share with you and G. I can attest that the whole time you looked the first picture.