Friday, 14 August 2015

So old least as old as the home we currently live in (around 100 years old), are known to be short on storage. For sure...there are some issues. We have no storage for coats and shoes. Minimal for linens and towels. Hockey gear is stored in the damp basement. Oh yeah. Bet you can tell how that smells.

On the good side..somewhere along the way, someone built some custom built-ins in our office/playroom and in our bedroom. While not sophisticated, they definitely do the job. So much so, that it seems that we have felt the need to stuff them to the gills.

Part of our current setup with built-ins in the office/playroom

So one day I was making mental lists re: the things in the built ins....

Step 1: Purge stuff

Step 2: Realization. Uh oh. Custom built ins don't move to new houses.

Step 3: Further Realization. Uh oh. Custom built ins are expensive!

Step 4: Look for storage solutions.

So in building a new house, you often have a large mortgage that is probably going to be bigger than you originally ever dreamed it would be. Check. You have to buy new appliances. Check. You have to pay someone to move your (pared down?) earthly goods to said house. Yep. Finally, you tell yourself that you might have some nickels to rub together to help furnish this new place. Yeah.

Let's be honest. Nobody lives in HGTV-land. Nobody really buys everything all at once and it's perfectly furnished in the most beautiful vignettes; styled and photo ready. So my storage solution plan is to try to source some second hand options and some less expensive modern looking new pieces and build from there.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Second hand options

First off: Next time I am in Halifax, I neeeed to check out Abode. ( I haven't been there yet, but they seem to sell wonderful examples of second hand midcentury modern pieces!

A Rosewood Mid Century Modern sideboard from Abode

Second off: I want to check out reLove. ( They sell and repurpose/refinish a lot of second hand mid century modern pieces. Their stuff sells fast! They also seem to partner with Abode frequently. Plus, their custom stuff looks amazing and is very reasonably priced.

A refinished mid century modern buffet from reLove!

Third off: Kijiji. (see a few posts back)

Less expensive, new options

Ikea. The end.

Well. maybe. I haven't been able to find anything I like in terms of modern style, that is new, and is in my budget.

Let me know if you know of some online CANADIAN stores that ship relatively cheap. There are american options but with the exchange rate, duty and shipping. Nope.

I am sure it will come together in the end. Please send me source ideas!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Hemnes 8 Drawer Dresser to help replace our bedroom built ins!

Love the combination of small drawers for socks and intimates and larger drawers for sweaters and pants

Thumbs up for this Ikea PS cabinet for Emma's craft materials and small toys

A Besta Ikea cabinet for our TV and growing collection of children's movies!

Addendum: Found two!  Bouclair Home and Structube.  I am completely unaware of how easy they are to work with but will keep you posted.

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