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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

So up until recently I had a dryer that liked to eat spaghetti straps. So frustrating.  Whether it be on tank tops or dresses...mine or Emma's.  The dryer fancied itself some fabric.

I took it for a while.  Dryers are expensive and there is nothing wrong with the dryer otherwise.  It dries really well. Not super efficient, but definitely has been worth the money since we got it 8 years ago.

Anyway, I got to a point where I was just fed up. Ya know...gave the husband the ultimatum...a new dryer...or else...I would keep buying new clothes to replace the ones it had eaten. Cuz I would never do anything practical, like hang the clothes with straps to dry.

In my defense..it attempts to eat bras, zippers...anything that it can hold on to and spin it around and around until it breaks.

So new dryer, over new clothes it was!

Now, where to start?

So have you tried to look for a dryer recently?  Try to figure out where to buy it or what kind or what specs.. so overwhelming: the amount of brands, features, prices, reviews. It's really hard to tell what is biased commentary and reviews and what is not.

Andrew and I started using a review site a few years ago called the Sweet Home (www.thesweethome.com). In short, it reviews anything house hold related. Tests everything out there and repeats the testing and repeats it. It's a site from the U.S., but everything that I have purchased, based upon reviews, was available in Canada.

One of the things that I love, is that it doesn't just give you the best option, but also runner up options, in case you can't locate or afford the top pick. They are super detailed in their reviews and comparisons, and often link to amazon sites for cost estimates (I am sure amazon is in on this, but whatever).

(They also have a gadget associate site called the Wirecutter which is also handy. www.thewirecutter.com)

We have purchased many smaller household items based upon the Sweet Home recommendation sites: my beloved food processor, our comforter, a kettle, even nail clippers (Tweezerman by the way!).

This was the first time though that we used it to purchase a bigger ticket item.  It did not fail.

I have a new energy efficient, non-fabric-eating, clothes dryer.  It's an LG. It sings me a happy song when it is done drying. It dries everything from sheets, towels, duvet covers to regular ole clothes with no trouble...and it does not partake in Italian food.

I would show you a pic, cuz it's really pretty. But it's in my scary basement, where there is poor lighting and lots of cobwebs.  So maybe another day...

Anyhow..check it out! (oh and this was not sponsored...I wish! Just wanted to pass it along with hopes someone might find it helpful :) )

Happy Tuesday.


Oh man...bring back the pink washer dryer sets!

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