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Thursday, 6 August 2015

So the wallpaper is stripped from our the wall in our front room (See a few posts back).  The plan is to paint it the same grey that the rest of the walls are (Enchanted Flute by Sico paint...I know it's a lame name but I used to play the flute, so I took it as a sign, cuz I'm weird like that). 

We had some large beveled mirrors with black frames on the wall, but I really don't see them back up there (Anyone want to buy some beveled mirrors?). I really want to add some character back into the room but have something that would be easily transported to a new house. So I have been considering my options.

You may have noticed that it's kinda trendy to have a gallery wall these days in your home if you look at any design magazine.

Black and white art/photo gallery

I actually think the idea looks fabulous in it's execution with some considerations. I have really been thinking about issue in particular...just bear with me..

Since I had been thinking about a gallery wall for a while, I had done some looking around on pinterest and etsy for ideas of what I could include in my gallery wall (cuz seriously, who can afford to go out and buy all original art). In doing so, I found something stood out like a sore thumb: the invention of the "throw away" print.  You know the ones: Slogans/sayings in pretty script that say something like "All You Need is Love" with a metallic heart on it or "Not all People that Wander are Lost" with a feather on it. Cheap and pretty in principal but maybe not the most meaningful?

My dad has been a painter all my life.  He always said he hated the thought of people buying his art with the intention of matching it to their furniture or seeing it if "went" with the room. IMO, Art should mean something to you, say something to you or make you feel something. It should inspire you. It shouldn't be about it's ability to match your decor. 

In saying this, I am sharing a commitment to aspire to find meaningful pieces for my gallery wall, beyond just what looks good aesthetically in a frame to me. I am convinced it can be done beautifully and at a reasonable cost. I am also convinced that it may be difficult to do so all at once and it may take some time, searching and patience.

Phew!  Glad I got that off my chest!

(On an aside: I do think it's entirely possible that a "throw away" print may have meaning to some people. I just challenge you to find that meaning before purchase....

I will leave you with some lovely examples of gallery walls I found on pinterest or in publications. I hope to do an update post as my wall comes together!

Bold, high contrast art with mostly black frames/white matting

Eclectic art mediums with bright colours and varied framing (or lack there of) options

All white frames look uniform and cohesive

Where do you find your art happiness?

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  1. I find them when I travel (prints, paintings, tapestries), at second hand stores and things that trigger memories (travel photos, family pictures). I love these galleries!