Wild Raspberries

Monday, 10 August 2015

I have a very distinct memory related to wild raspberries. Growing up in Newfoundland, it was quite common to go berry picking in the summer and early fall (I suspect it still is). Raspberries, low bush blueberries, partridgeberries, bakeapples..you name it. All wild....I HATED it. Berry picking was the ultimate in boring and I was too cool for it (or so I thought).

I remember one time when my parents told me we were going raspberry picking and I made such a fuss, crying, that I gave myself a nosebleed.  It totally worked: we didn't end up going. Success! I was so happy. Hahaha, amateurs.

I can't say for certain when the tide changed, but when it did, it did in a big way: "You can pick the freshest berries imaginable, 10 minutes from home...and in some cases for FREE?". Sign me up!

This week I walked from work, to our piece of land at lunchtime, and was thrilled to find wild raspberry and blackberry bushes. Wahoo! After work on friday, we brought Emma to do some picking. We thought it would be a fun family activity....yeah.

 "Moooomm, when can we go?".

She definitely wasn't thrilled to be picking wild, organic, fresh raspberries, like I was. 

It was hot. Full of flies. Lots of thorns. Promises of the beach. 

It was like I had come full circle, so to speak. Parenting Karma Gods: 1  Katie: 0

We didn't get more than a cup full of wild "scrappy" raspberries. Emma ate the "pretty" ones. We did get a ridiculous number of scratches and fly bites. 

I still thought it was great!

I took the scrappy berries and made a miniature pot of jam.

I think it's awesome.

And Emma does too...for now..

Hopefully in a few weeks time, we will have blackberry adventures! 

Meanwhile, a friend (Hi Lynette!) suggested we tag some of the bushes with ribbons, so that we can save a few bushes from being dug up, when we start building. Then we can have fresh wild raspberries every year....oh how the tides really did change! Have a good week! :)

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