Monday, 28 September 2015

Good morning!

How's yer Monday? I am battling this cold that keeps going. The l'il miss too.

Speaking of l'il misses! Today, we are sharing our experience with a local, Yarmouth based, German born, mom/teacher extraordinaire's clothing company:

123 Lausbua  

123 Lausbua is the brain-child of Petra Eyre. I met Petra when E. was a wee babe...we bonded over the fact that we both had experienced the "spirited" little newborn/toddler girl.

Petra gave me advice on what got her through, as well as shared her daughter L.'s clothes with us! Haha. Clothes and kids...what could be more fun?

I love when kids clothes are more sophisticated than your average clothes.  I know a lot of people might argue with me on that point. But when you are interested in fashion, it kind of crosses over into the clothes that your little people wear!

Petra has always dressed her kids in clothes that are unique and they definitely stand out. So, when she started her own kids clothing line, this year, I definitely paid attention.

Petra started this company after she struggled to find modern, hip birthday shirts for her kiddos...and 123 Lausbua was born. Petra's daughter, L. helps design the prints and Petra hand-stamps the clothing herself!

123 Lausbua is a tribute to Petra's german heritage: Lausbua loosely translating to "rascal".

I love that Petra allows the buyer to choose their print, colour and clothing medium (tees, tanks, cardis, long sleeve, onesies..) I have to admit I took my time to pick a print and medium that I knew E. would love. We went off road and chose the star print and the long sleeve raglan.

Spoiler alert: It's adorable.

And E. loves it. (Especially when I told her we were going to do a fashion shoot in it)

She's got model potential, no?

Petra hand delivered the item herself, and it came with a sweet note!

What more could you ask for: hand made, local and super-modern.

Petra just added a new Christmas design pre-order to her shop!  Now that I am over the fall-slump hump, I am started to get super excited for Christmas! Go check it out!

Enjoy the day :)


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