Buttermilk-Hacked Biscuits

Saturday, 26 September 2015


What a weird Saturday it has been in this house. Fall really showed it's true colours today. Busted out the boots. Could have busted out the mittens in the morning.

When it's a weird day, it's never a bad idea to do some baking. Plus, Andrew is doing the Gran Fondo tomorrow, in Clare, so I was helping him do some carb loading. Such a supportive spouse, I am. Always thinking of him. :)

So I made some biscuits by Deb Perlman of Smitten Kitchen. See the recipe here: The Biscuits Dreams are Made of!

ooh baby

The recipe calls for buttermilk. The cow was a bit off today so there was no fresh buttermilk to be had.

Luckily, one can make buttermilk themselves!

Or a hacked version of buttermilk.

Same difference right?

It's super simple: use one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar (basically, an acid....hahahaha get it?  base...acid....nevermind) and add it to one cup of milk. I had 2% on hand. I have done it with whole and 1% milk as well.

Let the milk and acid mixture sit or a few minutes.  You will see the milk start to curdle a bit. That's the goal here, folks.

Once you have the curdle, continue with your recipe and add the "buttermilk" as planned!

The acid in the buttermilk reacts with the baking soda and acts as a leavener (as well as the large amount of baking powder in this recipe)!

Great results with this biscuit recipe! One of us topped a biscuit with butter and raspberry preserves; the other butter and molasses.  Cuz hey...part of the support is to sample the carbs.

Have restful rest of the weekend..


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