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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hi all,

How's your week plugging along?

Well at work, my comrades at the N.S. Hearing and Speech office and I are doing an ugly cry, daily, because fall is here.

Actually, I am being kind.

We probably look more like this..

With slightly less bangs.

I know.

You like your sweaters. You like your soups and stews. You like your pumpkin spice everything. You like your crisp weather.

I feel ya.

If fall was followed by summer, I would be down with fall.

I prefer denial.

It's an easier place to be than winter...especially with tax season a snowball's throw into the winter season...

But alas, I am getting ahead of myself!

Here is my attempt at making the transition to fall easier.  It has to do with shopping (was there any doubt?)

Here are some absolutely tacky fall things I found on Etsy this week (to cheer myself up)!

Can you tell I am feeling a bit cranky this week?

There are no complementary words

The holy grail of ugly holiday sweaters

You could rock some turkey earrings at Thanksgiving

For the man in your life

For the lover of cats and holiday decor

Some S & P shakers to dream about

There! I feel marginally better!

Apologies again for the cantankerous mood. Hoping Wednesday brings better feels.

What makes for a wonderful fall for you?  Give me some ideas! Please!


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