Following Fashion Trends...or Not

Thursday, 10 September 2015

So I tried a jumpsuit on today.  I was at Every Bloomin' Thing (by the way they have awesome clothes in the second floor upstairs! Plus the summer stuff is 60% off. You can find them on Main street and on facebook (Every Bloomin' Thing).)

Ever really like the way a trend looks but it just doesn’t like you?  Yeah…

Here is the negative self talk I go through when I try on a jumpsuit:

-          "That is a diaper bum"
-          "You also appear to have a front bum"
-          "Or a camel toe"
-          "Or all of the above".

My colleague that was with me agreed that my butt looked like the butt from the following meme:

Here is one thing I have learned (it's taken a while, but I got there). Dress for what works for your body.  If a trend doesn’t work for your body? Don’t worry about it.  It’s a trend and it will save us the humiliation from 10 years down the road when we look back at pictures of ourselves (remember peasant sleeves on blouses and babydoll dresses and frosted tips and …and and and).  Yes I realize that everything comes around again.  It really does. (Hello, high rise bell bottom jeans, in every publication and fashion blog I follow, for fall.)

But again…I must stress. When you try on something and it causes negative self talk?  Move on. Give it up. See ya later.

Trend Schmend.

Other trends that I have left on the hanger and will continue to do so (and the trends I pick, are based upon what I have seen these past few months):

-          Overalls. Really? I also had a recent conversation with an awesome physiotherapist re: "shorteralls". See below:

-          Playsuit (This word is even heinous.  It’s basically a jumpsuit with shorts.  Also known as a romper. Often diaperish in nature, in the crotch)

- Culottes....aka "walking shorts". Cuz a knee length, wide leg short is a good look for everyone. 

- Crop tops:  I actually think these look great when paired with a high waisted skirt! Just not for this girl's comfort level.

- Harem pants/palazzo pants/ jogger pants. These are just not for me. When you wear a loose bottom, you should pair it with a slim top to avoid the "I-am-wearing-a-muumuu-with-legs look". Slim tops are just not how I roll. know when a trend has really penetrated, when a store like Reitmans, starts carrying them and calls them "Chic jogger pants".  Guys, lets just call them what they are: an upgraded elasticized-ankle pant..with some diaper bum tendencies, as well (are we seeing a trend (if you will) here?). 

Anyhow...I digress. But the point is: Wear what makes you feel awesome.  Trendy or not trendy. Look for things that accentuate your favourite part of your body....and yes! you should have a favourite part of your body: whether it allows you to run or lift your kids or cats or your winter tires, or makes you feel sexy or beautiful or colorful or stand out...and you should stand out! Cuz remarkable women do.

Go on...I dare you to think of your favourite body part...It's a great way to roll into Friday :)


  1. What a great post! Very funny and positive.

    1. oh man would have loved to have been there. Shari and I were losing it.