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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I made it to 3000 views on my blog in about a month and a half!  I am pleased as punch.  I should probably deduct around a hundred from that total due to my own views, cuz I consistently double check to make sure stuff looks good or get A. to read it to make sure it sounds ok. But either way...I know for sure I haven't looked at it 3000 times, so someone must have taken the time to take a peek :)  Thanks so much for following along!

I would never consider myself a writer (I did mediocre, at best, in English in high school and university) and I certainly am not very literary or philosophical (I have a really hard time enjoying dense reading material); however, writing these posts have been entirely reflective, fun, and a new way for me to relax. Nothing bad about that, so onward and forward (cuz to me upward implies that I haven't been happy with how my blogging experience has been so far).

A hazy day on the waterfront in Yarmouth

Some people have been asking how the house building plans have been going and I must be honest: they are at a bit of a stand still. After meeting with contractors we decided to draft some plans from scratch, in which we approached one of Andrew's childhood friends who just graduated from his Masters in Architecture from Dalhousie. He is extremely excited to help and we are thrilled to have him on board. His name is Adam and he is wonderfully much so, that when I searched his name in google I realized you can view his thesis here: . It kind of blows your mind to realize how much time this must have taken. It is visually stunning, as well as ridiculously well researched. Can you tell we are so proud?

Either way, plans take time and then comes the fun part again..quotes. GAH! (I still am not sure I have recovered from the sticker shock from the first round of quotes.) I hope that we will be ready to break ground when the snow and ice melts in the spring (Dear gawd... winter.)

Some blackberries ripening on our piece of land. NOM

I get lost down thought-process-holes when I start thinking about all the decisions we will have to make down the road; compromises, details, mistakes and hopefully a few design triumphs. While certainly not earth shattering decisions...stressful, none the less! A home is an investment: financially and emotionally.

I hope that I can look back at this post in a years time and we will be on the other side of something! Whatever that may be..who knows!

Have a lovely evening followers and thanks again for sticking around :)


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