Pizza Wednesday

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hello folks,

Man, I got a cold that ended up walloping me this week!  Completely unexpected..but alas, sometimes the immune system doesn't hold up.

Immune system or no immune is wednesday. For some people, it's wine wednesday.

For me: Pizza Wednesday.'s not as catchy is it? (I promise, it's just as yummy!)

Or, maybe you could have wine and pizza wednesday!

Cuz who doesn't like pizza? (Besides my four year old.)

When we have time, we like to make the crust from scratch. This is just not within the time limits, for supper, on wednesdays. So, to save time, during the week, I use pre-made crusts.

There are so many options available at the store now for pre-made crusts, but A. prefers thin pitas and I prefer the thicker, greek pita.

We make personal pizzas, because we have a difference in meat and cheese preferences (A. likes chicken and does not care for cheese, besides parmesan. I go veggie and I make up for the lack of meat, in cheese! Wahoo!).

I make our pizza sauce base from scratch.  It's so easy and is so much more flavourful with fresh herbs and garlic!

You just use a can of tomato paste or tomato sauce (depending on how thick you like it), add fresh or dry herbs (fresh basil and oregano for us, today!) and fresh garlic (fresh garlic is the way to go for pizza).

(look at this cute piece of pottery I found this weekend at the Pubnico yardsale this weekend for $1)
Oregano from our meagre herb garden 
Anthony Bourdain would disapprove, but I prefer a garlic press for equal garlic distribution.

Stir together and spread on your crust!  This amount is enough for four personal pizzas (we make extra for lunches).

Usually, when people think veggies and pizza, we limit ourselves to traditional veggie toppings: onions, peppers...and that's about it..(bring on the bacon! bring on the cheese!)

But honestly, just about any veggie, is awesome on a pizza...and when you start combining, you start increasing your veggie consumption per day, increase your fibre and increase your vitamins..blah de blah blah blah...

The short of it: veggies + bread product + cheese = love!

Ok and maybe you can feel somewhat good about the consumption of veggies in your diet and feel good about how well it combines with red wine.

Today, I had onions, peppers, snow peas, baby carrots, broccoli and tomato. I added salt and pepper to the tomato and topped with parmesan (the real stuff is the way to go as opposed to the shaker canister) and some (un)sophisticated marble cheese. Nom!

We get the big parm chunks from Costco
Des tomates from the farmer's market!

Consider adding more veggies to your pizza next time!

Maybe it will help your immune's hoping for me!


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