White: A Color without Color

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hello! Hope your long weekend was a success! We went camping at Keji and had an absolute ball! Hope to share more soon! I have to say this Tuesday, had a Monday feel to it..hope you all survived it.

I have spent some time thinking about our design aesthetic for the new house. The other day I was sitting at an appointment and I was perusing the magazine table, when I came across this!!!!!


The owner let me take it and I have been flagging pages ever since. (This publication is not in print any longer, but you can download it off of the House and Home website).

It basically confirmed that we want to go with white in our new house. White couches?  No, I'm not that silly or inclined to do that much upholstery laundry. White walls, white ceiling, white cabinetry..bright, lovely, smear-free white. Ahhh... (just let me live in my dream, mmmkay?)

We know for sure that in the new house, our main living space (kitchen, dining and living room) will be facing the water. We definitely plan on lots of windows on this side of the house, as well.  The land gets lots of sunlight throughout the day...so I really think white is going to work well.

(To find out more if white works for your space, read this neat little write up by Emily Henderson http://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/design-mistake-3-painting-a-small-dark-room-white )

In our current house, we really played a lot with blues and greys. While I really love the colours (shout out again to Enchanted Flute by Sico!), I think white is a much fresher palette and I can achieve a more eclectic, colourful living space, in starting with a completely neutral background. 

The genius about white, is that you can trick your eye into thinking that a room is a certain colour just by introducing accessories.  

Take this bedroom by Sarah Richardson.  What colour does this room "read" as? Yellow, of course!  All just from the introduction of yellow accessories.  The room elements themselves are all white. The wall and ceiling paint, as well as the duvet cover (Incidentally, I think we have the same seersucker duvet cover from Ikea! Wahoo! Twinsies with Sarah Richardson!)

courtesy of www.sarahrichardsondesign.com

Here are some other genius examples of this eye trick at work from the "Decorating with White" publication.

White really works, as well, if you want to have multiple colours featured in your living space. This is the look I most aspire to! 

Anyhow..enough about me! A friend of mine was featured on a design blog today (www.designmom.com)...and if you want to see a white home done right...look no further! Petra and Jamie's home is definitely an enigma here in Yarmouth. I remember the first time I was in it, I refused a house tour due to my fear of getting a bad case of house envy (I got over it). 

Check it out by clicking on the caption :)

Lili taking a quiet moment in her living space 

Hoping for a quick descent to the weekend for you all!

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