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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hey all!

How was your weekend? Ours was productive and social (my favourite kind of weekend!)

We met with our architect today..

(I feel like I should insert a gif of Iggy Azalea singing "Fancy".)

Yes. I realize it sound very pretentious and douchy.

But in reality: Our good friends, Adam (our architect) and his spouse, Cindy came to visit!

We got a chance to review two house plans with him, and discuss our absolutes, our flexibilities, our likes and dislikes.

It seems as though we are going to forgo a single floor dwelling, plus basement, and go with a two story, dwelling plus basement. It turns out one of the most expensive parts of a home is the foundation.  So hopefully, less foundation, less cost.

The basement is a mystery for now. The area in which we purchased our land is notorious for having bedrock. You can actually see some big boulders near the entrance to our property. So we are going with the intention of having a basement...we just don't know how big, how deep etc. If we hit bedrock soon after we dig..we may end up doing slab. Therefore, we are really just going forward with the intention of having a basement..but trying to ensure that we don't get disappointed, if it doesn't come to fruition.

We talked a little bit about interior details that we have to further explore like windows, the aesthetic of our home will be! But again...I get ahead of myself..I have to realize that the start of construction is still a ways, away and we have to solidify the plans first.

So Adam is going to amalgamate the two plans that he did for us and then... hopefully we can start approaching contractors (gulp).

Here's some inspiration pics (at least in my head) on what some of the details in our home might look like!
The plans include a vaulted ceiling in the main living area (possibly two floors worth). Plus lots of windows!

At some point we will be looking to decide on a modern staircase treatment

A woodstove

I am most excited for a COAT CLOSET!!! (we don't have one, currently)

Anyhow! I am leaving the fam this week to head to the city for some work stuff. Looking forward to attending a conference (but mostly to eating in fun restaurants and shopping!)

Downton Abbey calls...



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