Comings and Goings

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hey folks!

It's been rather quiet around here lately! But ya know, sometimes we get caught up in the comings and goings.

Our first fire this fall.  Cats be like "I have nooo shame!" E. be like "Cats have a lot of nipples"

What's been happening:
- Voting
- Trying to keep the house together last week, when A. was away and your child has extra curricular activities (The struggle is real! Props to single moms! whoot!)
- flu shot biznaz (the flu is already out and about peeps!)
- a trip to halifax for the last UFE graduating class gala, for one of A.'s CAs
- spending a night away from E. at the Prince George
- spending way too much money on a snowsuit for a child, at a store in MicMac Mall:

Do you know that the costs go up exponentially once a child is not in toddler clothing? (Neat store, though!)

A. and I ended up going to the Split Crow in all our finest, after the gala, with all the rest, to listen to a band from Clare (Beer for Iguana). Oh you Acadians! You are everywhere! We had a time, that's for sure.

A hard time getting up and around today, that is.

Makes you realize you are really truly an adult, when you just "can't adult", the day after a night out.

It also makes me realize that when you can go to Halifax and see tons of people you know from your adopted home town, that you know you are truly settled.

Anyhow, hope your weekend was also a fun one!

And hopefully our wallet will recover.

At least E. will be good and warm this winter!

Speaking of most favourite purchase in Halifax. Sheep Shearling slippers from Costco!

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  1. looking sexy k. I reflect on it. Maybe in our younger years we never tried to "adult" the day after...I remember a lot of sundays in PJs on the couch with a textbook read napping.