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Friday, 9 October 2015

This week I officially became a hockey mom!

Who knew it would be so awesome!?

Andrew began taking E. to the rink, to the public skate soon after she turned two. Given she is 4 and a half now, it's been two-ish years since she started.

Emma's first time trying on skates in 2013

I will be honest. It's been an uphill battle at the public skates....and I wasn't even the one that took her. Tantrums, crying and general, overall crankiness, was frequent the M.O.

She was often bribed with the promise of 25 cents worth of skittles to stay on the ice. (Hey, we aren't above food bribery in this house!)

There were times where she would stay on the ice for 15 minutes and ask to come off.

So when Andrew said that he asked E. if she was interested in hockey...she said: "I want to play HOCKEY!" ever so convincingly and excitedly. Andrew was thrilled.


I can't help it.  I was a little bit skeptical.

Especially since she did a 5 week Can-Skate program and once she saw the figure skaters, she asked if she could wear a tutu the next time she went skating.

I admit I look back, and wish I could have played hockey growing up. Andrew says I could of, but there was a lot of confounding factors. Girls playing hockey was unheard of in our small town in Newfoundland..especially since the nearest rink was a crappy winter's drive, that was a half hour away.

The idea of having a girl playing hockey in the house was extremely exciting to me....I just wasn't sure if E. was gonna be that least, this soon.

She absolutely. Proved. Me. Wrong.

This week was E.'s "hockey school": basically an intensive learn-to-skate-and-wear-hockey-gear-at-the-same-time prior to Timbits hockey starting next week.

She had a ball all week! She had a huge smile on her face so much of the time and really participated.

Bonus: there are at least 7 other girls in her age group! I am so pleased about this fact. I really hope these girls get to see each other do well and support each other in this male-dominated sport.

So, I christened my bum...first evening freezing it off on the cold side of the Mariner's centre..watching my girl and talking to other hockey parents.

I am sure there wasn't a prouder mom in the rink.

Wish us luck for the rest of the season...and for freezing my arse off for the next 15 years.


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