Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bahahahah....did you get sucked in by the buzzword: vegan?  I probably would have...

I remember a few months or so ago I was like...what goes in vegan cookies? air? tears of small children? A combination of black magic and flour?

The answer is: all of the above....

Ok, not really. But seriously...aren't the words "vegan chocolate" like an oxymoron?

Here was my dilemma...E. indicated that she wanted to bring chocolate cupcakes to her preschool for her Halloween party....Great! Sounds good to me!  I love baking!

Filling a small child with sugar and giving them back to their parents?  No prob!

Ooh....but there are some food allergies in Emma's class....and it's really not fair to send food for the class, only to exclude those with allergies. Specifically: Dairy, egg and nuts.

Now cupcakes don't usually involve nuts.  No problem there.

Dairy?  Yeah, that's doable..

Eggs? ooh tough one...

I have heard of things called flax "eggs" and egg substitute.

But it's always good to have a cake/cupcake recipe in your back pocket in case you don't access to that.

Then I had a huge "remembering" moment...duh.

A year or so ago...I realized that the chocolate cake we ate growing up was actually a "vegan" cake...but we definitely had no idea at the time that it was vegan (Follow my link for the recipe!)

My dad is allergic to eggs. So we always made a cake with no eggs.  It just so happened to not have dairy in it either! Score! Vegan ecstasy!

Mix that up and put it in halloween cupcake liners!  Which is what we did....and that raw cake batter...when I tasted it...was like tasting my childhood cake.

I am pretty sure it was the only vegan thing I ate besides french fries and.....that's probably about it....and I am cool with that...

Next!!! A foray into vegan cupcake icing! Made with a strange tasting vegan butter called "Earth Balance"! Sounds legit right?

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