Baking Bucket List

Sunday, 15 November 2015

I know there is some heavy stuff on the go out there. Thanks for checking in.

In times like these, all one can do is look to act towards others with kindness and tolerance. You never know, demonstrating one ounce of tolerance may inspire someone else to examine their values. I hope, at least.

I had written this post last week, prior to all of the atrocities. In times like's nice to be able to turn to something that relaxes you and you enjoy...

Anyone that follows the blog semi-regularly can figure out I am a bit of a baking nerd (by the way Alton Brown's "Good Eats" is on American Netflix right now and I geeked out on his show on waffles last night...much different than my last Saturday night.)

Nothing is better than eating something (or watching someone eat something) you made! Unless it's which case it's.....sad (and this definitely still happens to me!)

I would like to think of myself as a pretty decent, amateur baker. I have some basic understanding of techniques and ingredients and the chemistry behind it all.

However, there are some baking challenges on my radar that I have never attempted.


(Sorry for the dramatic shouting.)

Let's list them, shall we?

1) Crème Brûlée.

This is number one on my list because I adore eating "good" crème brûlée. With real vanilla bean. Cuz there is definitely such thing as "bad" crème brûlée: where you feel as though you are eating scrambled eggs. Yuck.

I have been plotting my crème brûlée experiment for some time, now. However, I need to secure some vanilla beans and a food blow torch. Oh and some ramekins. It will be an expensive experiment. (In related custards..I wouldn't mind making Crème Caramele or Pot de Crème, either!)

2) Profiteroles (with plans to one day make a Croquembouche)

Basically, the hard part of this is to make something called choux pastry (pronounced "shoe"). Sounds good, amirite? A piping bag or at least a piping tip is necessary for this experiment.

3) Macarons

No. Not macaroons, peeps. I am talking the fancy, colorful, crisp, flavoured, filled meringue "cookie". Again: piping bag required.

4) Croissants

'Nuff said

5) Bread

Yep.  I have never made bread outside of a bread machine. (hides head in shame)

6) Momofuku's Milk Bar's Crack Pie

 You can buy this pie for $45ish dollars, plus shipping (who ships pies?). It's supposed to be amazing....considering it's called Crack Pie, I believe them. It's a laundry list of ingredients and, sure to challenge any baker.

Further honourable mentions:

- Canelés

- Madeleines


Did I miss any?



  1. I'll be your bread coach - it is so much fun! I have a torch you can borrow, and I've also made perfect crème brûlée - sooooooo good! Croissants, though, are a whole 'nother

    1. ooh! where did you get it from? I might take you up on that offer!

    2. My sister gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. :) She likely bought it on Amazon!

  2. My son (age 13) makes macarons. His don't look as pretty as the ones in the picture, but, frig are they tasty. He learned from Anne Reardon ( and Sorted Food on youtube.