Christmas gift fun

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hey folks,

How's it going?  Got your Christmas gifts planned out?

Andrew and I decided not to exchange Christmas gifts this year.  It sounds really...bad? trite? appropriate? It really comes down to the fact that we really, independently buy anything that we need...and if we want something..we plan it out, mutually. Yes, one could argue that it might take the fun out...but we really don't need to give gifts to each other for the sake of giving gifts.

Christmas time is an expensive time, and we usually spend money up in Halifax buying clothes etc. on Boxing day. (After all...for Andrew and I, Christmas is a lot about the food!)

In the meantime, I love picking out gifts for others. :)

We have definitely streamlined our gift giving to focusing on gifts for the kids in my life (my nephew, Noah and Emma, of course).

Emma has been working on her santa list and is drawing her santa list. It looks something like this:

Note the coffee stains

 This is a representation of some heinous, expensive unicorn called a Fur Real and a pair of pale pink, sparkly boots she saw at Old Navy.

This mom is on top of her game and have secured both...the unicorn on a super-sale at superstore and the boots from (online shopping is the bees knees when you live in Yarmouth).

In the meantime, some of my other gifts I have been looking at on  I have also been looking for decorative objects and jewelry on etsy!

Here's what I found (Click on the caption to link to the etsy store):
Rose Gold plates studs

Look at this gorgeous Hudson's Bay Coat from Halifax's vintage store: Fancy Lucky Vintage
Vintage 60s necktie perfect for Christmas
Gorgeous Impressionist painting of a buoy from a Newfoundland artist: Jeanette Jobson

Mid century brass is the new silver! 

And so many more awesome things!

And if it is within your means...pick up a toy and an article of clothing for families looking for Christmas gifts through the Salvation Army.  In Yarmouth, you can pick up gift tags in the Yarmouth Mall! It would mean so much to these families to be able to give their children a Christmas!

Good luck in your shopping endeavours!  



  1. I love the painting you posted and the earrings!

    1. I just added the link (forgot it by accident) to her store. Love her stuff!