Hey Rosetta! and Brotherly Love

Saturday, 28 November 2015

So anyone that spends any time with me, knows how proud I am of both my brothers.  They are both very accomplished, in very different ways. One bro (Daniel), is a motivated lawyer, for an independent firm, in St. John's, and has an awesome little boy and partner. The other (Mark), is a graphic designer, filmmaker, photographer and artist (and that greatly simplifies his creative abilities!).

Anyone that knows me, also has to listen to my frequent bragging about Mark's, collaborative and  creative efforts.

Just to list a few: documentative film making with Mary Pratt and Christopher Pratt, respectively; frequent collaboration with The Rooms in St. John's, Newfoundland and Fogo Island Arts; cinematographer and producer for an award winning short film at TIFF. (I know, right??)

So when my brothers and I, made a trip home in the summer of 2014, for my dad's 65th birthday, I wasn't surprised when Mark told me, that he was editing a music video that he shot on Fogo Island, with Hey Rosetta!

No bigs.

Mark had spent a lot of time on Fogo that year, and all of his projects were running together. He is also intensely shy about his work (at least to his family) and really doesn't reveal too much, before he has completely finished a project (wait a minute....maybe he's being....PROFESSIONAL!)

By the end of the vacation, he gave us a sneak peak at an early draft of the final video for "Soft Offering" (check it out below).

I was hooked.

And so....since then...I had been trying to catch a Hey Rosetta! show.  Which isn't an easy feat when you live three hours away from the nearest city centre, and these guys travel all over. I had tried to get tickets to two shows in the year 2015 (in Halifax and in Hubbards) and was shut down (argh).

Now, I was goal oriented.

I managed to get tickets to Hey Rosetta! 's show, at the Rebecca Cohn/Dalhousie Arts Centre, for Friday, Nov 27th.

It was the last show, of their most recent tour, with Yukon Blonde, before heading home, to NF, for the rest of the year.

Yukon Blonde was the opening act. I had just recently discovered them on instagram and rdio.com.  Super energetic group, with lots of hits of synth pop (which if you see my post on NS music week, you will find I am a huge fan of). It was Jeff, the lead singer's birthday and Hey Rosetta!, came out part way through Yukon Blonde's set to surprise him with a cake, and a serenade. It seemed as though these guys were pretty tight (confirmed by the encores they played together, which became group sing-a-longs...audience included). This demonstration of appreciation and affection, definitely amped up Yukon Blonde's energy. Thumbs up, from this cat.

Yukon Blonde

Then came Hey Rosetta! 's set (Jeez guys, punctuation is a challenge with this band name).

First off...don't know who the set designer was for the show but...in spite of myself...it was frigging amazing (How's that for literary genius!).

Gold. So much gold.

Loves me some gold.

Plus all these (strategically placed, it turns out) mounted, singular, vintage-inspired, incandescent, lights.

My gawd, it's not even fit, ya might say.

Myself and my date for the evening, Christine, knew that these kiddos were gonna be above average, in concert.

But again...the same as when I went to NSMW...I got so overwhelmed with the realization that people can create music, in such a complex manner; so effortlessly, but passionately.

Like what the hell?  Romesh can play the cello and the keyboard at the same time? Did I see that?

Mara can make a french horn sound so sophisticated? (cuz let's be honest folks...the french horn you hear, in a high school band....)

And Phil played a glockenspiel.

Any group that sits down to collaborate on writing the music to a song and says....guys...we need a glockenspiel for this part...is A-OK with me!

Seriously, though. The band-nerd that I was, (?is?) loved them even more, by the end of this show.

The highlight for me, was when Tim Baker said that they were going to play "Carry Me Home" ....cuz they were leaving the next day for Christmas in Newfoundland..home for many of the group.

Ugh.  It gave me the feels.... Cuz, I miss Christmas with my bros, more than anything...and that's where they both will be this Christmas: Newfoundland...

So after their full set and a fantabulous encore set...I made it my mission to meet these close collaborators and friends to my bro, Mark.

Christine told me I found some ovaries and I managed to approach unsuspecting Kinley, as she came out to meet her family and got invited to come back stage.

About 20 minutes later, Christine and I had met all the members of the group (except for Josh...sorry we ran out of steam, Josh!) plus Rich Aucoin, who I had seen in performance, just weeks ago at NSMW.

Definitely a cool experience...to meet people who see another side of Mark...that I only get to hear about...or see on a screen, if I'm lucky.

They were all lovely and gracious... and hopefully, I didn't "fangirl" too much...cuz Mark would never forgive me..

Thanks for the memories, Hey Rosetta!



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  1. Awww what a nice post. I'll be your date and wingman to get back stage any time :)