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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Parenting is tough sometimes.

Like at 6:30 in the morning, after you went to bed at 2:00am.


I am hoping I get a nap in somewhere today, if I bribe E. with a movie.

But let me tell you...I had a great time being up til 2:00am...(first time I saw that time on the clock since.....Emma wasn't sleeping through the night).

It's been a few years since NS Music Week has been in town.  The last time I made a fool of myself in front of Jenn Grant (one of my fav NS singers). It's always a good time when there are a flurry of NS bands, singers, and artists in Yarmouth.

What I love about NS Music Week venues, is that you always find out about a new musician or group of musicians that you have never heard of before and they blow you away.

Andrew and I are huge synth-pop fans. So while most Yarmouth-ians were headed to the Wintersleep show, we decided to go off road and head to the synth-pop showcase at Haley's Lounge at the Grand.

I always forget how special live music is, when I haven't been able to see some in a while (cuz it's been a while). We take music for granted when it comes out of a smart phone or a computer or on a radio. We lose that appreciation for the effort that goes into it.

Live music always shocks you into the reality of how intense music creation can be and how different it can be; how many different ways there are to create music.

Last night, I had an up close and personal observation of Jonahmeltwave, (originally from Clare) with his peppy, electronic productions that got us moving (and spilling drinks).

We were impressed with Brinleigh's ethereal, self-described "spooky lullabies" and Arsoniste's ridiculous vocal range and depth.

Glory Glory had us head bobbing to their ear-pleasing sound (and balloon tossing!) and Vogue Dots had me chilled with Babette Hayward's awkward sweetness.

We made it to Scientists of Sound, and I am so glad we did.  They know how to put on a show!  I have never seen or heard anything like them before! They brought joy and intensity to their performance and A. and I commented about their chemistry onstage. I can see listening to their music if you need a pick me up or if you have had a few drinks (which I didn't and I still had a ball)...probably my fave performance of the evening.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the last performance of JoyfulTalk. C'est la vie. The babysitter had to go home at some point!

We were thinking of going to see Rich Aucoin tonight...but staying out til 2 am makes for expensive child care bills and tired mommies. Wahh!

Anyhow, I hope if you went to a NS Music Week show you enjoyed it! We should all support NS musicians...especially if they trek all the way, to give it their all, in Yarmouth!

Have a good rest of your weekend!


The only reasonable shot I got of a band all evening! : Glory Glory

A.'s shot of Brinleigh

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