Sunday, 8 November 2015

So I stayed up til 2 am again last night (against my initial reservations).

Parenting was much easier today as E. "slept in" til 8am.

Andrew and mine's rubber arms got twisted to go see Rich Aucoin (and Emma got to experience her first "sleepover" i.e. you take advantage of a friend's kindness to have your child share their babysitter.  Emma was pumped on that account.)

There were quite a few bands leading up to Rich Aucoin. I won't try to describe them as they were generally rock (one with a few country influences) and not totally my scene (and thus would temper my review). They all worked their asses off (even the early openers, which I had to give them props for, since they were performing for a handful of people) and there were excellent examples of stage charisma and presence.

So, everything led up to Rich Aucoin.

I had heard he was a "stage performer". I listen to Rich quite a bit on my Rdio account and knew he had some high energy songs: "Catchy" if you will.

I wasn't really prepared.

Rich Aucoin was a train-wreck-mash-up of performance artist, visual artist, filmmaker, singer, poet, synthesizer-er (yes, that's a new word), dancer, engager. Every movement, word, picture, prop had a purpose. Carefully thought out, but effortless. Seamless.

How did he do that??

He eliminated the invisible line between the audience and the performer (I think he spent more time on the floor than on the stage). Completely accessible... Never mind the fact that he gave everyone access to his cell phone number to text him for free music (I am sure he has seen his share of risque photos to that tune).

He had the room in the palm of his hand. One hour, felt like 20 minutes.

And a parachute....cuz who doesn't love a parachute (brings me back to my elementary school gym.)?

My one critique...not related to Rich at all...is that I wish they had the artists from the first evening, in the Haley's Lounge, open for Rich.

The progression would have made so much more sense....but whatevs. That one performance was worth my 10 dollar entrance fee.  I would have paid more!

So much for a quiet weekend!

But what a time.


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