Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Man, anyone else find this past weekend intense? At least it was tempered by lots of candy and chips. But...I must say I am looking forward to doing little, next weekend.

The hubster and I did some awesome baking this past weekend.  Andrew made pumpkin snickerdoodles.  Many people think that the pumpkin from a carving pumpkin isn't good for eating (vs the pie pumpkin, which incidentally...I don't know if I have ever interacted with). Surprise! It totally is like any other squash...tasteless...but definitely edible.

Piles of pumpkin offal
Basically, if you take the pumpkin flesh (doesn't that sound ghoulish?) that you scooped out, remove the stringy bits and seeds (which btw, are awesome roasted with salt, pepper and garlic powder) and cook it in a dry pot on low, forever...(there is a lot of water in pumpkin), you end up with lumpy pumpkin.

MMMM....isn't that what the dreams of pumpkin spice latte are made out of?

Take the lumpy pumpkin and puree in a blender or processor and you will have smooth, happy, pumpkin puree.  Looks orange and tastes like nothing.

Thankfully...like all squash, it's the seasoning that you add to it that makes it taste good...not the pumpkin itself.

Andrew scored the recipe from an awesome website called: www.thekitchn.com

You read that right. There is no 'e', where it should be.

How avant garde.

Seriously, it's a fabulous website with lots of awesome info on baking. (I also love its equally fabulous sister website on home design called www.apartmenttherapy.com ....spelled like it sounds.)

Anyhoo...here is the recipe: Snickerdoodles a la pumpkin

The cookies are like little cinnamon and sugar pillows with a hint of chewiness from the moistness of the pumpkin. Where pumpkin is flavourless...(sorry it kind of is..maybe it has a hint of sweetness on a good day)..it really just adds some nice texture and softness to the cookie...and hey! what's wrong with adding some fruit to your cookies (That's right peeps! Pumpkin is a fruit not a veggie...BAM!)


Anyhow...next time you carve a pumpkin (like say in 11-12 months time)...try cooking with your happy jack 'o' lantern insides..(cuz I am surprised that the cutting of pumpkins for decorative purposes has not been kiboshed by some pumpkin rights group....so let's stay one step ahead of them.)

Happy November!


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