Christmas Happenings

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sorry I have been MIA folks!

Ya know...the hustle bustle of the holiday season.

Hockey practice mixed with wine hangovers mixed with bloatedness of overeating.

What's not to love?

A.'s christmas party was this past weekend, at the Mackinnon Cann Inn.  If you live in Yarmouth/Yar Co. definitely worth a check out.

Ever since I had gnocci (a potato pasta) about a year ago, I love trying it out in whatever restaurants that serve it.  Honestly, I loved the gnocci from Mac-Kinn Inn, more than the serving I had, at the Bicycle Thief, in Hali!  Makes me put gnocci on some random cooking-bucket-list in my head (until you read a scary recipe). Plus the service was A-1.

Also, this past weekend we decorated our christmas tree.  Emma only broke one ornament.

I feel like that should win some sort of award.  (My kid is totally better than your kid because they broke less ornaments?)

It's really interesting, because growing up in Newfoundland, you only bought a "Nova Scotia" Christmas tree if you were rich. Now all the Christmas trees around, are from Nova Scotia! (except the ones made in China).

It seems much less fancy!

I really enjoy having a lovely, evergreen in the house....and thankfully we have hardwood floors, that only minimally hide the needles everywhere.

Our christmas tree is fairly traditional...which made me think about if a mix of mid century/vintage/scandinavian christmas decor might work in our hopefully new house!

Here's what I found:
(I can't ensure that these are the original posters of these pics..others I couldn't find the source.  Damn you pinterest!) you can see...lots of white, black, contrast, metals, wood....swoon.

Makes me wish I lived in a scandinavian country. (That and their health care systems.)

Hope you are enjoying these last few days before the big day!  


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