Happy New Year!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year folks!

Hope it's been a restful, fun or least-miserable, holiday season, as possible! 

I have one more day off tomorrow, but I must say, I kinda wish I was getting back into a routine. I am not finding motivation to organize or clean or something else, at home...and I have sat around aloooot. 

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for reading, these past few months (since July, 2015).  With almost 8,000 hits on this page, I am happy to see someone is interested in reading what I might have to say or see what I am up to. 

On that note, I am also interested to see what you are interested in reading about! The ticker on the side of the blog shows the most read blog posts...so you can see the top 10 for 2015.  I also can see that from about the total of 60 posts, you like hearing about how the house is coming along (or not coming along) and definitely some recipes. 

What else do you want to read about? Msg me! or comment!

I really hope to share lots of news this upcoming year re: our house-to-be. 

We have a lot of choice and sourcing to do in the upcoming months.  Something I am looking forward to, but, I am concerned re: budget. Hopefully, I can source my readers for opinions. 

I also hope to do some more writing to let you know more about me. I guess sometimes in social media we tend to put our best face forward.  Not a bad thing, necessarily...just not the whole picture. I very much, look forward to it...

On that note...here is my best in nine from 2015. 

Some are so weird...like the iphone?  !  The selfie was a vulnerable moment for me re: my new specs....so also kinda awkward...

But the rest?

Thumbs up....from my girl, to my nan, to our land, to the pic of my AirBnB that got my most ever likes for a instagram post..

All the best for 2016!


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