International Year of the What?

Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy Friday folks!

It was the first week back to work, of course..and I think it was a good week!

While I am definitely tired, I always find a good long break, means I am more productive (for a while) at work....which I think I was (guess it depends who you ask).

So I thought I would write a prequel blog post, to some posts I am hoping to do this weekend (go on with your productive self!).

Let me preface this prequel ('s gettin' complicated) by saying: I love lots of different kinds of meat.

I love steak, pork, bacon (cuz bacon deserves it's own category right?), chicken, turkey...even some wild game meats (I heart and miss moose meat!)

Oh, and fish...(getting there with the shellfish!)

But even I (Mme meat lover), recognize the importance of incorporating plant based, meat-alternatives into my diet.

I even try to do one vegetarian meal a week (it's usually pizza...but's something right?)

I must admit though....I love a good vegetarian dish (mmm...curry) when we take the time to make one..and both A. and I enjoy a variety of types of lentils, beans and chickpeas (not quite there on soy/tofu...but hey...we can't have it all can we?)

Some food bloggers and chefs, I follow regularly are huge promoters of lentils, beans and chickpeas..also known as "pulses", in their dried form. (I know...weird name..but it is what it is)

The pulses in my cupboard had an awesome photo shoot, no?

Check out recipes by Michael Smith, Jamie Oliver and a couple of my fave food blogs: by Renee Kohlman (who has a dessert cookbook coming up soon!) and by Deb Perelman.

The "pulse" has seemed to have been increasing in popularity, as we, as a species, learn more about sustainable, healthy food options....which lentils, chickpeas and beans seem to be...I admit I am not an expert in this area...but I think you can trust the research.

In working in the cardiovascular health field (I am a medical SLP that works with stroke patients and have a lot of interaction with dietitians), you learn pretty quick that plant based foods, are the way to go for improving your diet....they can be expensive....but the way to go...

But wait a minute....pulses are cheap?

Sweet!  (Which also appeases the accountant husband.)

So in short (or not that short)...2016 has been declared the "International Year of the Pulse" by the United Nations....i.e. you should get on board with trying this stuff too!

Hope you enjoyed this prequel post and enjoy the two, planned, blog posts to follow!

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