Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A different kind of blog post ahead.....

I have been thinking about minimalist living. Cuz it seems that a lot of people are big into "minimalizing" their lives in 2016.

What is minimalist living? (cuz articles tell me that it's people that live in tiny houses with 5 clothes items, 5 personal items and 5 pantry items...well maybe not that little but you get the point).

Can you be a minimalist and be into fashion/clothes? home design?

(Things I am struggling with right now....)

One person's minimalism is another's wealth. Yes?

Is one person's minimalism some arbitrary amount?

How do you know you have achieved minimalism?

Does minimalism mean "cheap"?

Are you a bad person if you aren't a minimalist (cuz reading about minimalism makes me feel super guilty!)?

I strive to get rid of stuff I don't use...does that make me a minimalist?

Can you only be happy if you are striving to achieve or achieving minimalist lifestyles?

So many real answers...

What do you think?

My name is Katie...I don't think I am a minimalist. : /

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  1. Ooooh, I have some answers! After thinking about this and reading a zillion books, blogs, listening to podcasts, etc. over the past maaaaany years, I have SO MANY OPINIONS on this. Let's chat about it in person next time I see you. Yes, you can be into things (fashion, whatever) and a minimalist! One person's minimalism can be another person's wealth, or another person's poverty - the point is that it is just what YOU use, need and want, and no more. Letting go and clearing out the extraneous and things which don't serve you. Often, minimalism is the very opposite of 'cheap'; it's investing in more expensive, quality pieces which will last. OF COURSE you're not a bad person if you don't call yourself a minimalist, and you can absolutely be happy and not call yourself a minimalist. And if reading about "minimalism" makes you feel bad, inadequate, etc., don't! (Maybe look for more 'intentional living' kinds of things, which often have a similar emphasis on only having what you use, need, and love, but without the baggage that comes with the 'minimalist' label.) Just do your thing and rock it. ;)