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Monday, 15 February 2016

Gah! I hit over 10,000 views on this blog! Thanks! Hope you found something interesting, entertaining or delicious while you were here....

On to today...Fluffy blog post ahead...

I have to say...this is the kinda stuff that I like reading on blogs....random...trivial....related to everything and nothing...

It's a great way to turn off my brain.

So! This post was actually inspired by valentine's day/birthday party time.

As many of you's hard to shop in Y-town...tri-county etc.

But there are some fail-safe shopping places that I have learned (some only recently) to make sure I can get it together...

Feel free to follow along!

1) Winners: So as I said...this was inspired by recent purchases for birthday parties and valentine's. I have recently discovered...Winners has the best freakin' cards. Under $ low as a $1...and way better than dollar store and carlton and hallmark cards...cuz let's be go in the recycling right quick....but I can't help it...I love them. Bonus: they have a lot of "punny" cards.

Bonus Bonus: I usually find a good deal on something else while I am in Winners (got a summer dress for Emma for $3 the other day).

2) Joe Fresh: I used to be a faithful La Senza underwear purchaser. Then they got bought out by Victoria Secret. The cotton underwear got replaced by a poly-blend and they cut back on costs and started making the gussets the width of my index finger. Coverage was minimal to say the least. Then I came across Joe Fresh undies by mistake one day. It was love. Cotton, gusset that could make a small barbie tent with...(ok maybe not that wide...), lots of neutral, non-patterns (at almost 35, I don't think I should be wearing undies that say "sexy gal" or similar).

Joe Fresh is also my go to for great, reasonably priced, jewelry and earrings. You can't go wrong with a statement necklace and earrings to boot.

$4 earrings I wore to a Christmas party!

3) Dollar store: Baking utensils and supplies. From spatulas, to whisks to parchment paper...

4) Lawton's drugstore. Ok...super vain here...I am a nail polish girl. IMO the best nail polish for staying power (cuz chippy nail polish ain't allowed in a hospital) is OPI....and damn, it is hard to find....and no...not the Nicole Miller's OPI stuff. Different staying power and I am guessing...formula. They sell OPI at Lawton's, as well as their wicked bottom/top coat and their nail polish remover.  (This is the nail polish remover, I use, to remove shellac, when I get a manicure, twice a year).

Cajun Shrimp and Big Apple Red

5) Sandy's gifts. For unique kids toys and gifts..  I don't bring Emma in here.  Very dangerous. Lots of Melissa and Doug, playmobil, art stuff....neat baking stuff for kids..

The best straws, you find at Sandy' throw them in the green bin when you are finished with them..

6) Frenchy's. As I have heard my friend Sherrie say before: Frenchy's provides. You need a dress? You find need some pants for your kid ?....yup! You need a joke gift for your friend's 32nd birthday?  A japanese "body massager" circa 1984. Still works when you plug it in...(that one really happened too!).

I am sure there are more that I am not thinking of...what is your favourite surprise place to shop in tricounty?


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