Let the Bells Ring out..Let the Banners fly...IKEA!

Monday, 1 February 2016

So I am sure you have heard...IKEA is coming to Halifax!

It's probably not going to be completed before we started building, but it has made me look more closely at some of the furnishings they sell.

We are pretty wrapped up in the dollar amount of a build...however, we cannot deny that we will need to purchase some new furniture if and when we move in.  Heck..even if we don't move in to a new house, we need some new furniture.

Our couch is allll torn up. Kitties like to sharpen their nails on it.  I wouldn't mind replacing the upholstery and using it as a second couch in another area.  It's still wicked comfy and was very well made (We splurged and bought it from Attica). But where we are gonna have open concept and more space; I am hoping for a sectional....see a couple I like here:
Nockeby Sofa

A lighter version from www.muslimahbloggers.com
Norsborg Sofa
From decordots.com

I know grey seems pretty boring and predictable...but honestly I have had a grey couch for about 8-9 years.  It hides a multitude of dirt sins: food stains, nail polish stains, marker stains..cat barf stains....all the necessities...once you go grey...

Plus I have washed the covers many times during Emma's potty training years.

Another area in need:

Our kitchen table was purchased from Walmart when A. and I first moved in together over 10 years ago. It's time....

It has definitely seen better days.

Check out this one I have been eyeing since we went to Toronto this year.

(Sometimes it helps to see it in action, no?)

Plus I just looove IKEA for all the wonderful light fixtures, kids stuff, organizing solutions..

Sigh...I can't wait til it's open!  Plus the food and coffee are pretty sweet.


I have also been checking out some other online stores that ship to Yarmouth (cuz that's a bit hard to find!)

One I like is www.structube.com.

They also have a show room in Halifax so it's a great place to check out their stuff in person.

I love this bed...it's got a low profile (way different then our current sleigh bed), mid century inspired, with some neat detail.

Speaking of beds....

When we first bought this house, we had purchased a bed only a year before from Roger's furniture (remember that place?)....but now...we are getting up on 10 years of having this bed and it's becoming a bit....sinky?

Apparently...that is the life span of a bed...and I am hoping to break out the big guns and purchase a king size mattress. (I wish we would have had a king mattress when Emma was little and spent allllooooot of nights in our bed).

So that will be another purchase.....but hopefully it will worth a good night's sleep.

I am hoping to find some second hand purchases to complement some newer, cheaper pieces....cuz while I would love to be able to purchase all the new furniture from Attica or similar...that's just not reality.

Are you an IKEA fan?

What places do you like to shop online from?


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