Light Reading #2

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Hey guys!

Been reading much lately?  I have really been trying to read some books lately...and I love it. (I recently read Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff...Super intense...unrealistic/partly realistic discussion/commentary about marriage....fiction of course! Worth a check out if you like long, winding, I am really selling it..)

But!...lots of super cool, short reads online...

I recently became a subscriber of "Lenny Letter".  This was a project that was spear headed by writer, actor, activist, feminist and overall-kickass woman: Lena Dunham. I have loved Lena since she started her series "GIRLS" on HBO (comedy plus real life shit).

She has a partner in crime: Jenni Konner; a producer and writer for "GIRLS".

Lenny Letter is a twice weekly publication, that focuses on a multitude of issues....anything from politics (Lena is a staunch Hillary supporter), to nostalgic (there is a recent read on Claire's Boutique..where I would buy 10 things for $20), to gender equality, to self love and esteem (see their "Yoga is for every Body").  There are many, many contributors which means a lot of different styles and a lot of different topics...

The reads are pretty quick, but informative, thought provoking, inspiring.... and at times...really entertaining.

What's not to love? (Check out the links!)

The weekend is calling!


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