Valentine's Day

Monday, 8 February 2016

Hi Guys!

As I am sure you are all aware...The V-day is almost here!

Valentine's Day is pretty polarizing.

You have the folks that think V-Day is unnecessary and money-sucking.  It's the "Big Pharma" holiday of "Big Hallmark"...or "Big Ganong Chocolates".

(If you look up Valentine's Day Grinch in the might see my hubster pictured...  He is an accountant after all.)

I get it. I get it. We should be showing our love every way.....and we don't need a lame-ass piece of paper from the dollar store or overpriced rose to say so....yep.

But doesn't that get lost in the shuffle sometimes?

I really like Valentine's Day....not for the chocolate or flowers or cards necessarily...although I do enjoy all of those things...but because it's a reminder to be thankful for the love in our lives...whether it be to our kids, our spouses, our friends, our families. You don't need to have a spouse or gf or bf or whatever, to be thankful to those that love you.

To say...Thanks for sticking around me!

There isn't too much wrong with that, is there?

(Emma after she was interviewed by our friend, Adam Graham re: Valentine's day. She told me the other day that love was when you show other people your privates.....great..)

And honestly?  Everybody's drab February could use some red and pink....even if it is from the dollar store.

And it material goods aren't your thing? Even just verbally sharing something you love about another person is a good gift...because sometimes it's the emotion sharing/vulnerability sharing thing, that's the hardest...

If you enjoy the material goods things...

Check out some etsy favourites:

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Felted wool Love cat!
I gotta girl that would love these leggings..

Love these Hearts you can wear year round

Punny Cards!
Sweetest Balloon Photo

Hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day...whether you are a fan or not :)


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