Age based Upon Reading Material

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

So I was in the bathroom, the other day when Andrew stood in the door frame and said he had to tell me something...(jeez dramatic er wah?)

"Katie, you are officially old"

(Tell me something I don't know. I have intense relationships with cats, rip out grey hairs daily and am thinking about summer sandals with arch support)

It was then that he held up a magazine I purchased, that was on the floor, next to the bed.


"Whaaat...... It had an article with Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau I wanted to read..." (Cuz anything to do with politics is soo associated with the younger generations...Phew! Good save, Katie).

(Andrew gives me a look)

"What? They have good recipes..."

As the words fall from my additional grey hair sprouts up on my part and a cat I have never seen before, jumps up on the vanity.

I admit. My mom still reads Chatelaine. I used to read her copies from the library back in the day...a closeted old lady if you will, in high school. 

I read them all... Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, Canadian Living...O magazine, when that appeared on the scene...quality reading establishments...grooming me for a domestic life...yep.

Don't worry I read more than my fair share of Seventeen, YM, Glamour, Cosmo..

But let's be honest..there are only so many beauty tips, sexual positions and platform shoes you want to try out..

Reading tastes mature with time..(IS Chatelaine mature? Not sure about that one...)

Well then...doesn't everyone have guilty pleasure reading?

In the meantime...I am thinking about getting an e-subscription to Chatelaine. No jokes. 

(Speaking of age...My friend and fellow blogger, Sherrie, over at is celebrating a birthday today! Hope your day was filled with cake, hugs and kisses, Sherrie!)


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