Cinnamon Bun Twist Wreath

Thursday, 31 March 2016

So as a nice segueway and follow up to the last post...

I made a recipe from Chatelaine!

It was so good, I made it twice.

It's a twist (literally) on the cinnamon bun.

There are different kinds of cinnamon buns: the cakey variety and the yeast-risen variety.

I was always terrified of baking with yeast.  I am really good at killing living's surprising my cats are still kicking.  Wish I could say the same for the two basil plants on our kitchen sill. Yeast is technically inactive in it's store-bought-Fleischmann's form, but, I always figured I could never get it back to it's living form again.

I made bread for the first time back in December with yeast and was successful.  It has spawned an interest in working with yeast...making rolls, bread, naan.. There is a really cool link HERE that describes all the neat stuff about yeast...what it likes to it likes to be nice and it can be tricked into sleeping again with a change in temperature...Just like a CAT!!  (Yeast+cat = Food spirit animal)

Andrew's favourite food group is cinnamon and sugar (I am sure this will be a new food group when the food guide gets it's overhaul: See here!) logically, yeast-risen cinnamon rolls was the next step.

Here's the recipe:   Click here!! (Ultimate in laziness today..In all honesty, Chatelaine did an awesome job of writing the description and demonstrating the technique.  Why reinvent the wheel?)

After the yeast has started "eating". This was seriously an amazing sweet dough
This was the hardest part...rolling out the dough in 12 x 22 inches
I kept eating the this was also difficult.

The "twisting"! Again...kept eating the cinnamon twist offal...aka the trimmed ends

After the dough has had a chance to rest again
SUCCESS!!!  Plus the sugar and butter filling caramelize and make toffee on the parchment. Beware!

I have to say I think the second wreath was even better, because the technique is fun, but a little tricky at first. But even if you have an ugly wreath, its still gonna taste awesome....and isn't that what matters?

Props to Chatelaine.


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