Not-Your-Average Coconut Cake

Saturday, 26 March 2016

So if you have read some of the recipes that I have posted on here, you might have an idea that I promote a lot of unprocessed, made-from-scratch food. I really truly believe that one of the keys to my health and future health, is trying to stay away from processed food (but let's get real...processed food can be sooooo many mini-eggs have you had already this weekend?)

Of course, any dietitian that you talk to, would state moderation. And since it's Easter weekend...let's moderate!

This is one of my most favourite-ist cakes in the world!  My co-worker makes it for me every year for my birthday. When I begged for the recipe, she sent me a link to a picture of a ripped out recipe from McCalls... and the cake is actually a cake mix (Well, I never!)!

I was shocked! Cake mix!  Don't get me wrong I love a good cake mix...and Andrew and I have talked about the merits of cake mix...(we talk about a lot of random things). Cake mixes are all about consistency and convenience. It always tastes the same and it takes no time to make it.  In fact...I got interested in the history and origins of cake mix and googled it.  I found this interesting little article: HERE. It's worth a read if you are interested in some food science reads, mixed with marketing reads.

Anyhoo, I found the link to the cake recipe, on a vintage recipe card website.  The website is especially entertaining, if you are looking to laugh at the recipes of yester-year. These were considered high style...hello Jellied Lamb Salad, Hot Tuna and Egg Buns and Frozen Cheese Salad.  (The Frozen Cheese Salad was also a Weight Watcher's dish..bonus!)

On a purdy plate 'n e'rthin

It's a pretty straight forward recipe....but when all the components come's magic. (it's slightly adapted from the original)

You need:

1 package of golden cake mix

1 package of instant or regular vanilla pudding mix (the one that says it makes 4 servings)
2 cups of milk (we had 2%)
1/2 cup of whipping cream
2 tbsp of powdered/icing sugar (I used granulated)
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups of unsweetened coconut (I like to gently toast mine)

Frosting (I use a different boiled icing recipe than the original because it has less ingredients):
4 egg whites
1 cup of sugar
1/4 tsp of cream of tartar

Toasted coconut for topping

Make cakes according to instructions for two cakes. Bam...cakes done.

For the filling:

Make the vanilla pudding mix with the 2 cups of milk, as per instructions. Chill in the fridge. Whip the whipping cream, sugar, vanilla extract until stiff peaks form. Fold the whipped cream into the pudding and add coconut.

For the icing:
In a heatproof bowl, place sugar, eggs and cream of tartar.  Place over a pot of boiling water. Whisk, while the mixture heats, until mixture is warm to the touch. Then beat mixture with hand mixer or stand mixer, until stiff peaks form. Let the icing cool in the fridge, prior to frosting the cooled cakes.

Split each of the cakes into two, so there will be four layers of cake. Spread filling, in between layers and frost with icing.  I like to top with toasted coconut!

To me..this cake screams Easter: marshmellow-like frosting, light and spongy cake..lots of yummy, nutty coconut....just like the little coconut Easter bunny cakes you could buy at the store in the 80s..with eyes made of jelly beans..anyone used to have those?

Speaking of bunnies..E. says she wants to leave out carrots and cucumbers for the Easter bunny.  Guess the bunny will have to carve out some room for veggies, in spite of the cake.

Wishing your family all a wonderful Easter...whatever your traditions!


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  1. Made this for snack at Toastmasters last night and it went over very well indeed. Barely had enough left to take a piece home to Alan.