Sunday, 20 March 2016

Happy Spring everyone!

I took an unexpected-ish break from the blog. It is no secret to anyone that I dislike winter...plus tax season always makes our house feel so much busier than usual.

Knock on wood, our house has been extremely lucky with illness, so far this cold and flu season, and the weather has been so much more reasonable, than in past years.

Hopefully, tomorrow is our last big brush with snow. The bunny comes in a week....things are looking up!

Some vintage ornaments for our Easter tree branch

There is some movement on the house building front...we are down to choosing between two contractors.

I have started extensive research into the costs of flooring, things like light fixtures, faucets, tile, appliances....

It's a really interesting time...I hope I am not getting too overzealous in the research.  It's kinda mindblowing that you can put a bathroom faucet into the responsibility of the contractor...it gets rolled into your mortgage...and you end up paying off the faucet over the course of 25 years....so yeah...I want to minimize that as much as possible...and buy some of that stuff with cash.

We also have to source things like siding, railings, doors....lots of decisions for sure!  I like making decisions and picking stuff out (I have excellent taste ;) )....it's just a matter of what is within the budget (I have expensive taste). I see it as a big puzzle that is gonna take some time and jiggling pieces around.

We also are in the process of deciding what lender to go with. One called me the other day and I had to stop her and say let's have a meeting with my finance-minded, husband present...my eyes glaze over and I have trouble following all of the requirements, percentages, fixed/variable convos. It's better that I see it all mapped out on paper.

So fingers crossed..it starts coming together in a few weeks...maybe a month?

In the meantime..Emma's hockey is winding down...canskate is done...and our schedule should be a little bit more flexible.

Tax season still remains for a bit longer but hopefully we can take it in stride.

I am toying around with the idea of doing some special easter baking...so maybe stay tuned!

Enjoy a short week!


Pastel cards waiting to be mailed!

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