Spring/Summer Bucketlist

Saturday, 23 April 2016

I was raised outside...I made "cabins", popped spruce gum bubbles with sticks, picked wild strawberries in our backyard, made dandelion stem curls, went ice fishing, camping, exploring....

Now...somedays....I go outside, because I know I should. Or because I know Emma, should.

What happened??

1) I think I am a fairweather outdoors person. I dislike extreme temperatures, windiness, drizzle, flat-out rain...wait a minute...I live in Yarmouth....this describes most of our weather...always.

2) I find kids parks relatively boring (did I say that out loud?). I rely on other adults being present to also keep me entertained.

3) I always feel like there is something to complete in the house...laundry, pretend spring cleaning, trying to reduce the "my house is a litter box of toys" feel.

4) Sometimes, I don't feel like moving at all...welcome to full time working and parenting.

So...what to do..the trendy bucketlist of course.

...and make it public so I have some accountability...

1) Go fishing.  Emma and Andrew want to. I will go fishing this year.

2) Take Emma in a canoe or kayak

3) Go seaglass hunting. Emma really sees it as a treasure.

4) Go camping again at Keji (This I really can't wait to do.  We had a ball at Keji last year)

5) Go swimming in a lake. (No ocean swimming for this girl.  I draw the line)

6) Use chalk with Emma on the sidewalk

7) Plant our herb garden again (although we are getting some chives and mint come up already!)

8) Plant some perennials (I wrote that initially, so that autocorrect changed it to perineums)

9) Do a hike...maybe one without Emma. (I did Gros Morne a couple years ago and it was an awesome experience)

10) Do all of the above without getting a sunburn (SPF for the win)

What outdoor adventures am I missing?


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