Cookies and Cream Cookies at Oak Island

Monday, 9 May 2016

Tax season is really tough.  It's really hard on the people that work so hard, for their job.  It's also really hard on families.

I was told recently, that the breakdown of all relationships all come down to expectations.

Expectations that aren't met.

Expectations that are implicit to some; failed to be made explicit.

A mismatch in expectations.

Tax season always challenges us as a family (hello, overtime).  It's when I struggle to change my expectations, from my usual. It's when I have to say "I understand", but also ensure I say "I need help", before my frustration turns to resentment.

Each tax season is easier, as I become more explicit with my expectations and Andrew with his.

(Each tax season is still hard...but I felt more confident this year. Emma still notices...that's a different story. It helped that the winter wasn't too hard this year...not too many storms...hardly a cold or a sniffle in this house...yea for immunity building...and flu shots!)

One great thing that Andrew's workplace does is go on a weekend trip to celebrate the end of tax season.  This year we went to Oak Island Resort. I didn't take many pictures...which is probably good, because it meant I was busy doing stuff...and all three of us had a great time as a family, and a great time with the work crew.

We did a lot of rock throwing

Emma and I had side by side mini-pedis. 

Since I have been trying to bake for the crew, this tax season, it only made sense that I make cookies for the get-togethers, we had over the weekend.

I got this recipe from Joy the Baker's website...but she actually got it from Graham Blackall from the website Glazed and Confused (cute name, huh?).

He likes to make these crazy cookie mashups that often have other iconic ingredients in them (Cap'n Crunch, Nutella etc.)

Well.....this cookie that I made for the weekend short....the Inception Cookie.

Cuz this was a cookie with Oreo cookies.....meta....I was intrigued by this cookie...a cookie within a cookie. Find the recipe HERE!

And I had reservations...because while everyone loves an Oreo's not as good as a home baked cookie.

In's a good damn thing that I felt that I should make these cookies for others, because I would have eaten most of the dough...(and I certainly ate a large chunk of it.)

A few dozen came with us....and none came back....and I was a bit sad. Tax season baking complete....

(I was so busy that I completely forgot to take a pic of the final product! Oh well....)

Guess I will have to push through start a new baking tradition...June 30th filing deadline baking! O-lay!


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