Monday, 13 June 2016

Windows. They are kinda important and kinda expensive!

Plus they are not the sort of thing you can easily change your mind on!

They are also a part of your house for the long haul. It's not like some of the other stuff that you can spend less on and then upgrade later.

On the other side of can't just do floor to ceiling windows. Ya need to have some restraint.

So...if you haven't figured it out yet...we have been picking out our windows.. Our contractor had given us some homework last weekend: look over a very long list of windows that need to be purchased!

We had to make some changes, as it turns out some of the plans had very big windows in the shower stalls.  I didn't feel as though I wanted to put curtains in the shower...and I certainly didn't want us to have a display window for our neighbours....cuz ya know while I have some element of body confidence...we don't need to get that intimate.

We also added some windows in the vaulted section of our living room plans.  So exciting!

Most of the homes in the area (and Yarmouth in general) are fairly traditional.

We really wanted to make a statement with our house exterior, which of course, is largely affected by the aesthetic of the window.  As such, we went out on a pretty big limb and ordered windows with a black exterior and a white interior.  (i.e. On the outside, the window casings will appear black.  From the inside the window casings will appear white...more or less).

An example of windows without trim
The large windows and the sliding glass door to our small deck, are in groups of three, side by side, rectangular panels. No fancy pane work...contemporary design...super sleek.

We sourced a contemporary front door with three glass panels (oooh the possibilities of front door colors will be a convo for the future!) and of course, a basement door.

We have been having convos with our contractor re: interior window trim.  A lot of homes with contemporary design choose to forgo window trim....which I would prefer. We are still in the process of seeing if that is financially viable.  We have been warned by our contractor that the edges are not as durable as windows with that's a conversation to be had too.

Lots of decisions...but I am really enjoying the challenge so far.  I am sure decision-making-fatigue will be in my future...but until then...I will hold on to the excited feeling!

We are hoping to break ground this week!!  PUMPED.


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