Laying Foundations in the Neighbourhood

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

First of all, thanks for the birthday wishes and response to my birthday blog post!

When I started this blog a year ago, I really didn't intend to write to share big pieces of me...but then it happened and the writing itself and the response has been truly cathartic.

As I have said before, I don't identify as a writer at all...but now I guess I should at least think that maybe I am, on a good day. :)

This blog was intended to be a place of sharing re: our experience of building a home in a place that has limited building resources....along with a place to talk about baking.

That is still intended!!

Rogue flowers in our yard 

With that...not many fun updates on the house front. Thanks to a stretch of great weather a few weeks ago, we have the majority of our foundation poured.

Yesterday, we ran over, after soccer, to take a peek at progress.  They are preparing to pour the basement floor and they have a ton of gravel around.  Also, they have started waterproofing the exterior of the foundation, which is really interesting is being applied on a sloping grade, to match the grade of the land. It's marked with a chalk line and is being carefully met.  It's really fascinating to see detail even on the most boring of things.

Looking "through" where our basement window will be...featuring my model, Andrew, in soccer attire, for scale. 

In other house news, we had to cut down some trees for pole access by NS Power (maple tree vs apple tree) and are crossing our fingers that the well drilling, that is coming up, will go smoothly.

Finally...what was extremely heartwarming last night, was watching Emma play with two girls that will be our neighbours when we move in.  They all chased their dog down to the waterfront area of our property and explored around...looking for raspberry bushes.

That's one thing Emma does not have at our current property...children of a similar age that she can just go around and explore with. While these girls are older and won't have the time of day soon, for's still wonderful to have neighbours that you can chat with...borrow sugar etc.

Stay tuned for further updates and fingers crossed for ongoing lovely weather for building and summer adventures!


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