Ten things at 35

Thursday, 7 July 2016

So I am hitting a milestone birthday today...35.

I remember when 30 was my scary year and then I turned 30 and I was like....ok.... 35 is the new scary year....

Well....I don't think I have a new scary year....which tells me that maybe I have matured a bit when it comes to thinking about aging.

Cuz I feel like I know a lot more than when I was 30....but I don't really feel any older. So what's wrong with that?  Nothing really.

I feel more settled than when I was 30...have a better understanding of what my morals and ethics are...I feel like I understand my job more.....feel more comfortable with what I want in my relationships and friendships.

Nothing wrong with that at all!

So when I was thinking about a birthday post I was like...maybe I should do 35 things about me to celebrate the number of years I am turning....but that felt like I was beating a dead horse...cuz I don't know if there are 35 things I want to share about myself!

So I settled on 10.  Nice even number.

A carefully curated selfie so that I can look back at my 35 year old self.

Let's go with the random, boring facts!!

1) I used to take painting lessons.

I don't think I was that good...but my best friend took them...and I liked the idea of painting. I have one painting that I did in my house....in a drawer.

2) I used to.....

ok... let's start over again...these are superficial things about me...that no one probably cares about...let's get to the nitty gritty.

1) I am a feminist.

Yup....and I married one too.

2) I am non-spiritual, non-religious....but I support your right to chose religion. I am driven by human compassion.

3) I am a straight ally.  What does that mean?  I support equal rights no matter your identified sexuality or gender.

4) I support choice.

5) I seek diversity...I love learning about other cultures, ethnicities...there is no need for intolerance.

6) I believe in science.

7) I believe women have remarkable bodies..we can carry and/or feed a baby, run a marathon, work 12 hour days, solve problems....what's not to love?

8) I support families who have children with special needs: physical, social/emotional, behavioural, developmental...I have been bit, hit, yelled at, had to help kids out from under my desk....they all leave a mark on my heart and I remember them.

9) I believe in early intervention...because why should we look back with regret?

10) I believe we all know someone in poverty. Understanding and assistance is what they need...not suspiciousness and ignorance.

These are 10 things that I possibly knew before I was 30...but definitely know now that I am 35.

So why look back!?


(And Ringo Starr...cuz we share the same birthday)

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  1. wow! beautifully put. You should take heart in your compassion and understanding.