Thursday, 15 September 2016

Gosh darn it.

Where have I been?

Truth is, I have a tendency to feel blah after vacation and have a hard time getting back into routine. So bloggin falls by the way side a bit. Sorry y'all. I really do miss regular blabberings on this little piece of the internet.

In the meantime, we have been making slow and steady progress on the house front. Including actually doing the whole mortgage signing with the bank etc. It's been a very interesting learning process.  In fact, some people have approached me to talk about the logistical process of building...and all that goes into it.  While I know not nearly enough, I think for sure I would like to share all the things you don't realize or think about when it comes to building..maybe it might be helpful or interesting on some front.

September has been a big month so far. My little one has started school (gasp!) and I spent tons of time wrapping up with many kiddos on my caseload, as we say farewell, and they move on to school as well.

My down time has actually been spent perusing home stuff...preparing myself to make decisions (cuz I hate being's very wasteful IMO..but then so is browsing the internet). Sourcing has been interesting....but I think, all in all, I feel pretty confident about the aesthetic of the home we are building.  If anything, I am a bit too confident.  (Fingers crossed we can fit it in the budget!)

I hope to write some upcoming posts on the following...cuz I wake up some times and think about some of these things!!

- appliances (a doozy)

- light fixtures

- flooring

- kitchen

Cuz framing is starting and soon we hope to have a place to put all that stuff!!

Happy Fall!


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