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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Hello folks!

Happy New Year to you all :)

Things are buzzing along on B. Street.  We have a special little girl's birthday this weekend.  Tonight, I was lying on my stomach on the kitchen floor and she came over and pretended to be a baby koala on her mom's back..."Mom, do you know baby koalas stay on their mom's back, while the mom looks for food?".


All of a sudden she's 6!

In the words of Emma: "What the??"


Things are going pretty well on the new home front as well.

One of the biggest challenges I am having right now, with the house, is lighting.

All of our lights have been purchased online or in Halifax.

For those that may follow me on Instagram: our show stopper is a 9 light fixture from Attica (that we got on a great sale before they moved in the fall). That is going over our dining room table. It's basically a light fixture that we never could have I am super pumped to see how it looks.  (On another note, light fixtures just like it are featured in House and Home magazine in their February issue).

Our other kitchen lighting is our pendant lights over the kitchen island. I originally wanted 3 pendants over the island. We ordered three from  I love love them.  One problem:  they are a lot bigger in person.  So we have three light fixtures.  But only two will fit..(anyone interested in an industrial light fixture? They only have a 14 day return policy and we are not headed up to their Dartmouth location, anytime soon.)

(courtesy of

C'est la vie.

We also have purchased a super sweet pendant from Ikea for Emma's room. Emma has requested a pale pink ceiling and pale yellow walls. I think she has perfect vision for her room...and this fixture will compliment it.

Finally...we are in limbo for the main pendant fixture in our bedroom.  I ordered one on sale from Pottery Barn Kids (of all places!).  It's a Moroccan-inspired brass fixture that will fit in well with my navy blue accent wall I have planned..

(like this blue wall!)


I have a Sputnik inspired light that I purchased from Costco (of all places!). It would go well with the mid century modern furniture in our bedroom.

What do you think?  Are we Team Morocco or Team Sputnik?


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