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Thursday, 23 February 2017

So everyone wants to know when we are moving in!

The short answer: very soon!

We are in the thick of installing cabinets, flooring, tile...we have countertop people coming next week...looking at installing our stairs next week...

It's a lot of nitpicky decisions: faucets, trim, sinks..

I enjoy some of the nitpicky stuff.  Not so much others.

The kitchen has been an interesting project.  We purchased online from Ikea. We (i.e. Andrew) assembled the cabinet boxes/frames and our foreman and another carpenter have been doing the install. It was a steep learning curve for them.  Not one that was necessarily enjoyable; I would think.

Thankfully, they are pretty easy going and don't hold grudges (btw my contractor is Graham Surette from Graham Construction and my foreman is Pat.). It's been a very collaborative experience, thus far, and I can't really think of a time where we felt out of the loop or upset.  If anything, I was afraid I would upset them sometimes with my requests and they have been nothing but accommodating.

I just joke with them and say that I am their Ikea kitchen guinea pig, as I am sure the requests for their kitchens will increase when Ikea opens in Halifax, later in the year.

We ended up going with a recommendation from a friend (Hi Heidi!) for our countertops: Livingstone out of Mount Uniacke (  They are close to Halifax but their wholesale prices for quartz are amazing (with a $300 price for delivery).  Their email correspondence is soo sharp (which I love cuz I hate cold-calling) and they are super organized thus far.

Our appliances are all through our local Leons.  We spent a lot of time researching appliances. While of course, I haven't used any of them yet....hopefully the excellent reviews on the brands we chose will hold true.  We decided to go with a Bosch dishwasher, an LG fridge and a Samsung range.

Hold up....I know Samsung doesn't have a great rep....hear me out...

I wanted a dual fuel, propane convertible, induction, double oven, slide-in range. Pretty darn specific....basically a step under some small commercial grade ranges. It's not a common occurrence. Kitchen Aid sells one, Samsung does...and I have seen an LG one. The Samsung version has awesome reviews...not so much the Kitchen Aid.

I wanted the ease of the propane with the best oven for baking...with the convenience of a double oven...without paying the price for double wall ovens.

Got it?

Stay tuned to see how it works.

Finally, we are working collaboratively on our flooring and tile with our local C & C flooring.  We have been working closely with Kirk and our installer is Jamie.  Both are amazing! I am super pumped about our tub tile surrounds (check out my posts on Instagram) and our backsplash.

Here's some kitchen inspiration to leave you with:

Happy Thursday,


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