Chicken Shishtaouk

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

So if you follow my insta-feed (btw instagram is my fave...lots of awesome pics with a reduction in click-bait...and lots of links to cool articles and blogs), you might have noticed I have posted some pics with reference to the Perkins household's favourite new chicken dish: Chicken Shishtaouk.

So (no surprise here) I am not an expert on Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine.  I sincerely apologize if I mess this up....

One day I was looking for a recipe for skewered chicken and googled chicken 'shish kabob marinade' or similar....after searching for a bit, I came across a recipe for Chicken Shishtaouk.  (it is often spelled in other ways e.g. Shishtawook).

While this particular version of the recipe has many different elements (some you might have to plan a bit of time, ahead) its flavours are seriously complex and absolutely delicious!!

I honestly am about to regurgitate a recipe I found online from  I have no idea if it's authentic, but damn, it's good.  (So good that Andrew insisted I call this blog post "Dope AF chicken". Sorry sweetie...maybe next time.)

First things first....

You must soak your skewers (if you are using crappy wooden ones, like I do) for at least an hour...ideally a couple of hours. our house....the skewers end up soaking for about 20 minutes prior to being used...but whatevs.  Soaking the skewers prevent the cheaply made ones from instantly charring and burning up....instead, soaking them holds off the charring and burning up for approximately 2 minutes. Excellent.  Maybe you have the fancy metal which case...hook a girl up...


Next up...ingredients!  Gather the following:

- 3/4 cup of plain greek yogurt (I use can use the crappy 0%, if you really want)
- 1/4 cup of lemon juice (Don't be a skeet...make it fresh squeezed)
- 1/4 cup of olive or canola oil (this is helps the chicken from sticking to the grill)
- 4 (at minimum) cloves of garlic (minced or pressed)
- 2 tsp of tomato paste ( gotta open a full can of paste for two tsps...I keep the rest in the fridge in a tupperware container)
- 1 tsp of oregano (dried or fresh)
- 1/2 tsp - 1 tsp of salt (I use 1/2 tsp)
- 1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon
- 1/4 tsp of ground allspice
- 1/4 tsp of black pepper (fresh cracked, yo)
- 1/8 tsp of ground cardamom (I prefer to use a mortar and pestle to grind the cardamom cuz it's waaaay better's lemony in flavour and makes the chicken taste unique)

Combine/Whisk the above ingredients in a small bowl.  It should look like a pink spicy yogurt.  If it are doing it right. Trust me.

I take 6-8 chicken breasts and cut them into bite size pieces. Place them in a big bowl and pour the marinade over the chicken.  Mix around with a spatula...cover and put in a fridge for an hour (or 20 mins if it's after work..I use this time to prepare side dishes).


I usually make this chicken with skewered veggies.  The veggies could be peppers, onions, tomatoes, zuchinni...whatever you got. Always (Read: ALWAYS) skewer your veggies separately from your meat.  Chicken and veggies have completely different cooking length times. The chicken needs to go on the grill quite a bit before the veggies do.  While you can frig around with the spices etc in this recipe...nobody wants a case of salmonella from undercooked chicken and overcooked veggies.


(for you Simpson lovers...I just heard a rendition of Apu singing about salmonella)

Grill your chicken skewers until it has nice grill marks on all sides of the chicken and the yogurt marinade is "cooked".  You shouldn't see a lot of yogurt marinade on it, essentially.

I like to serve this chicken with roasted spiced potatoes, the grilled veggies and tzatziki on the side.  It also pairs well, with rice or salad.'s been on the regular menu here at least once a week.

I usually make a ton and then I have leftovers.  Again...if you have might have seen that I made Shishtaouk chicken nachos with pita bread chips (just sliced pita bread), chopped veggies and chopped chicken and topped with cheese. Super tasty lunch! Feels like a treat on a weekday!

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I later added a quarter of the tub of tzatziki...this amount is just for pictures, to show self-restraint

Enjoy :)


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